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Representative Office

Our representative office was established in 2003. Our office is based in Qingdao, Shangdong Province which is in the heart of the chilli growing region in China. This office can source various varieties of spices such as Chillies, dry ginger and cinnamon. We can also source various other products such as cotton, green gram, black gram and a variety of other lentils as well as many other products from china.
Chillies Size Pungency
Yidu chillies 10cm-12cm 2400 shu
Xian chillies 11cm-15cm 20000 shu
Tianjin chillies 6-8 cm 40000 shu
Sweet Paprika 16-18.5 2000 -3000 shu
Chilli powder, crushed chillies and chilli rings can be manufactured according to customer specifications.
We can offer whole dried ginger, ginger flakes and ginger pieces from China.
Onion and garlic.
We can offer a wide range of onion and garlic powders in powders and flakes to suit various applications
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